Much of our website and social media will be under construction during 2023 since unforeseen obstacles are prompting us to slow down, huddle up more, and be responsive to the internal support we need to give each other in the face of unforeseen challenges in the communities of each of our members. But feel free to browse what we have up and connect with us as we continue to build our co-op from the ground up. -January 3rd 2023

Co-ops Not Cages is an Illinois-based worker cooperative social media business in our startup period. Within internationalist and anti-carceral lenses, our objective is to promote and support already-existing worker cooperatives without forgetting the realities of the carceral system and the pressing need for prisoner support. We are also a resource to inspire people to begin their journey to develop their own worker co-operatives or join an existing one.

10% of Ad and Sponsorship Revenue to Worker Co-op Incubation

We wish to “tithe” advertisement and sponsorship earnings (and show proof of such) to worker co-op incubation, prioritizing support to the following types of worker co-ops: global south, currently and formerly incarcerated prisoners, and other minorities.

As our co-op’s earnings increase to where we are not dependent on said revenue, we plan to share more and more of our ad and sponsorship earnings to worker co-op incubation.


Please contact us if you would like to community build with us, so that as we become more public we can promote your worker cooperative or amplify prisoner support for your affected communities!